You don’t need to replace your aluminium window frames

31 May 2023

Like a lot of homes in Perth, there is nothing wrong with your aluminium windows and doors. They look good, they work perfectly well and it seems crazy to replace them just because you just can’t stand the colour anymore. Painting aluminium window frames makes perfect sense as opposed to replacement. It is quicker than replacement and it costs a fraction of the amount to replace them. We are a local based family company who have been repainting aluminium windows and doors since 1978.

The Boat Project

06 Sep 2017

We needed our sea legs for this one. The owners of this luxury boat wanted to restore the sliding doors from the deck to cabin, no problem. Plenty of masking and very thorough prep has resulted in a beautiful set of black gloss doors.

Murdoch University

14 Aug 2017

We were recently contracted by Murdoch University to resurface the aluminium windows and doors to the main entrance to the administration block. The existing black powder coat was looking very tired after at least 20 years in the WA sun. After detailed masking and thorough preparation we applied a Dulux industrial tie coat followed by 3 coats of Dulux epoxy top coat. After minimal disruption the windows have been restored to their former glory.

Swan Medical Group Midland

14 Aug 2017

The Swan Medical Centre contacted us to repaint their aluminium windows and doors after they recently had their centre repainted. The windows and doors were a ‘duck blue’ and clashed with their new colour scheme, so they opted for a Colorbond Dune. The medical centre operates from 7am to 7pm so most of the work had to be carried out out of those hours with the minimum of disturbance to the centres clients and staff.