How long will the paint last?
All of our work comes with a 5 year warranty backed by Dulux. We expect the coating to last well beyond that, 10+ years.

What colour can I have?
Any colour you like in the Dulux range. You are not restricted to Powdercoat colours.

Can we have a metallic finish?
You certainly can.

How long does the job take?
On an average size home the external windows and doors will take about 4-5 days to resurface.

Will there by an overspray?
No, we fully mask everything.

Do you remove the windows and doors and paint them off site?
No, all work is carried out on site.

How do you resurface metal windows and doors?
We thoroughly clean the surface prior to painting. We use the latest spray paint technology and the best protective coatings manufactured by Dulux in the world.

Can you carry out the work out of hours so to minimise disruption to our business?
Yes we can, after hours and weekends are no problem.

How long does the coating take to dry?
Usually touch dry within the hour.